Top 5 Counties You Simply Must Visit

Traveling is a huge hobby for many people these days. It would be shocking to find a country that doesn’t have a flow of tourists every week.

While not everyone enjoys traveling, there are five countries that you simply must visit at least once in your lifetime! These places have majestic, unique characteristics which make them highly popular with tourists.

If you plan to travel anytime soon, I would highly suggest visiting one of these places. Here’s why!


While plenty of people think of America as the land of many jobs, the land is gorgeous at the same time. The scenery and culture of America are fulfilling and diverse. People from all over the world have set up camp in this country and helped to make it the land it is today.

Some of the most popular sites to see are the Golden Isles of Georgia, The Ranch at Rock Creek, and Las Vegas’ many casinos.

Plenty of people have enjoyed the diverse foods of New York as cultures from all around the world have set up shop there and sell the most amazing and unique cuisines.


Spain has much to offer, but there is one thing about it that attracts everyone… Their food!

Spanish cuisine is incredible and offers you numerous wonderful flavors. The food is so amazing; you could literally spend your entire holiday there sampling food from all the famous restaurants they have to offer.

Locals suggest visiting during April as this time has the nicest weather.


Ah, France. The land of Champagne and cheese. What more could you possibly ask for?

Not only does France offer you the best in cheeses and wines, but they also have some of the most romantic getaway spots on the planet. Hikers and romantics alike (especially if you’re both) will love this magical place.

The nicest touring place in France is Lake Annecy, nearby Morzine.


Italy is one of the most popular touring countries to date. They’ve been ranked as the best country for tourists by CNT readers five years in a row and counting.

Italy is best known for pizza, pasta, and incredibly nice people. The nicest places to visit include Piazza San Marco in Venice, Tuscany, and the Cliffs of Riomaggiore.

New Zealand

New Zealand is starting to get more recognition these days for its incredible scenery. If you love hiking, climbing, and adventure, this is the place for you!

Some of the more famous spots include the Maruia Springs, Tongariro National Park, and the majestic landscapes of Queenstown.

The natives are incredibly friendly, people and sheep alike.

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